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Religion Curriculum

Kindergarten Religion Curriculum

God Made me Special

  • I am Special

  • I am Special to my Family

  • I am Special to my Friends

  • I am Special to God(Baptism)


God Made the World Around Me

  • Creation :Light, Water, Plants

  • Creation :Fish, Birds, Animals, and People


I Am Thankful To God

  • Thanksgiving


Advent / Christmas

  • Advent: A Time for Waiting

  • Advent: Preparing for Jesus’ Birthday

  • Christmas :Gifts for Others

  • Christmas: Jesus’ Birthday


Discovering God’s goodness

  • I can see and touch.

  • I can hear.

  • I can smell

  • I can taste.


God made My Friend’s Special

  • Jesus is a loving friend.

  • I can love.

  • Jesus is a helper.

  • I can help.

  • I can share.


God’s Plan For Springtime

  • New Life in Spring (Lent)

  • New Life from Seeds (Lent)

  • Sharing bread with friends (Holy Week)

  • Celebrate the New Life of Jesus (Easter)

God Knows My Feelings

  • Happy / Sad Feelings

  • Sometimes I feel angry.

  • Sometimes I feel afraid.

All Saint’s Day

Prayer- Talking to God

Going to Church

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